Seminars & Workshops

Supermarket Tours

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Supermarket Tours held by Dorothy are available for groups to learn about the best food choices and labelling of packaged food.

A supermarket tour enables you to navigate the aisles and to interpret information as to the safest and most nutritious way to fill your trolley . Supermarket tours are available for small groups and can be requested at Dorothy’s clinics or directly through Dorothy.

Cooking Workshops

Cooking workshops help you to expand your menu at home and to incorporate new and local food commodities. Workshops are run locally such as;

  • Cooking on a budget
  • Cooking with ancient grains
  • Appreciate cheese without gaining weight
  • Incorporating more vegetables into your life
  • Healthy Asian cuisine
  • Mediterranean style cooking
  • Gluten -free cooking


Workplace Healthy Eating Workshops/In-house Corporate Well-being Programs

These workshops/programs include the following:

  • Breakfast with a nutritionist
  • Learn during lunch
  • Watch and taste in your break

Australians spend an average of 8 hours per day in the workplace , which makes the workplace an important  place for supporting a healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet.

Benefits for employers include;

  • Improved work performance and productivity
  • Improved corporate image and employee retention
  • Improved employee engagement and relationships
  • Reduced absenteeism and sick leave
  • Reduced workers compensation costs

Seminars are  available for:

  • Industrial catering outlets, including the resource sector
  • School tuckshops
  • Indigenous communities and wellness centres
  • Conferences and professional development events
  • Workplaces in general from small business to large corporations.

Contact Dorothy Dietitian to enquire about workplace nutrition programs and seminars.

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